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About Sachie's Gentle Stretch Class

Simple, Easy, Fun!

Sachie's Gentle Stretch Class includes gentle yoga postures that are accommodating, covering everyday biomechanics, management of common aches/pains, and stress reduction. You don’t have to do difficult yoga postures to receive those benefits. Rather, some simple daily stretching based on your physiology brings you greater benefits physically and mentally. The stretching exercise you learn at this class is based on the form of yoga created for active people in their 40’s to 70’s.  It’s inevitable that our bodies will start changing around the age of 40. The Sachie's Gentle Stretch's approach takes this into account and provides a unique approach using dynamic movement, breathing, etc. that benefits the individual as a whole.

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Sachie's Gentle Stretch Online Class

Let’s do some simple stretches together!

Live on ZOOM

This is a community class for our yoga family and friends.  It is free of charge.
Please just join us! ( If you have a yoga block, please prepare it. We may use it.)

Saturday 8:30am PST

If you would like to offer donation, it is greatly appreciated though it is not required.

Venmo account: @sachie-yoshitake

By mail: Sachie K Yoshitake  4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd #564, Valley Village, CA, 91607

About Sachie

Sachie is a yoga instructor/ therapist. She originally doesn’t like exercise; even now she is not that crazy about yoga either. Although, one thing that is for sure is that without yoga, she doubts if her life would be as great as it is now. Her mission is to help people heal and condition themselves physically and mentally through yoga practice to be able to live their lives fully with joy. 

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